Friday, 13 January 2017

Overwintering hives and nucs

A mild winter so far. This week has seen the first snow flurries in Yorkshire and freezing temperatures. Checked the bees last Sunday and temperatures were 10 degrees celcius. Very warm indeed. Below is national hive over wintering on a double brood and a nuclei plus a wide shot of some of the hives

Double brood box - national hive

Paynes 6 frame poly nuc box

Wide shot of some of the hives in the apiary


  1. Very Impressive, You have come a long way from 2011. I am still fascinated by the whole be thing. I have not done any thing to go in this direction but what I have done was to make sure at least my home and yard are environmentally friendly for bees. That includes allowing Dandelions to bloom, but not seed in my yard

  2. Reg. That's great. More people should have pollinator friendly gardens and encourage councils to the same. Things have moved on since 2011 alot. Which is great. Bee keeping is fun , everybody should do it