Thursday, 15 April 2010

"Denniston's Superb" in flower and "Victoria" in bud

The Denniston's Superb blossom

The "Victoria" plum in bud

The above top shot is Denniston's Superb plum in flower. It is coming along nicely. these are the first flowers to appear. I have also included another shot of my "victoria" plum tree as this also is now nicely in bud but appears to be at least a week behind Denniston's which should hopefully spread the harvest out a little later on in the year.

Below is a full picture shot of my apple tree "malus Jonagold" on it's frame, I hope to add another bar at the top this year and get a third line on the tree. Jo, I hope this makes my explanation more clear.

It has been a real hough getting this post on today as my computer is putting it mildly playing up!!! Fingers crossed tomorrow goes better


  1. congrats on your Plum, going into bloom, My Burbank still has a couple of days to go. We had a hot day to-day so I hope it speeds it up.

  2. fingers crossed for you Reg. The blossom is great to see, it looks really nice and the thought of home grown plums makes me smile

  3. Thanks for putting a photo up, it does make it more clear. I'll have to have a look in Wilkinson's to see if I can pick up any bargains.

  4. Now I have read up on it a little bit, I think I may also have a go, they sound great and very different, I have a small path in my garden where a step over would look great. If I drop on an appropriate tree I will post when I try it.

  5. Our plum trees were loaded last year but there seems a distinct lack of flower buds this year.