Saturday, 17 April 2010

French Sorrel - Rumex scutatus

My clump of sorrel has come up trumps so far this year. It is the earliest salad to appear in my garden and is great to add to lettuce, spring onions and tomatoes. It has a unique taste and once you have a plant it keeps coming back year after year. So far this year the slugs have left this clump alone but I think the cold Winter helped with that. This plant was grown from seed about 3years ago.


  1. What a great looking salad right there for the picking. The only thing I have at the moment are chives.

  2. You have to start some where Reg. I have chives and they are great. Love them in omelette's. Are you planning on planting more salad this year? I grow lettuces in plant pots (or 2litre milk cartons cut in half with holes in he bottom) then I can bring them in and just take leaves as and when I need them.