Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Thank you to Jo for a couple of Blog Awards

A big thank you to Jo for giving my blog two awards!!! I really appreciate it as it is great to know people enjoy reading my blog. She herself received these awards and the rules are to try and pass them on every week but you are under no obligation.

The rules of the awards are to link to the blog which gave you the award, list seven random things about yourself and pass the awards on to other blogs which you feel deserve them.

and 7 randoms facts are...

I was a real red head when I was a little boy and proud of it

It took 5 attempts to pass my driving test

I met my girlfriend online

I am Yorkshire born and bred

I have been driving for 15years
I love holidaying in Scotland 

I am a big boy now, still a real red head and proud of it

On the garden front though... a little bit of a dilemma or is it frustration.

I planted some weeks ago (22/02/10),Autumn Calabrese, Brussel sprouts (Evesham Special) and cauliflower (All Year Round). The Brussels and Cauliflower are going great guns however the Calabrese produced 1 plant so far out of ten pots. I think I will be trying Calabrese again next year.


  1. O wow this is so nice to get, Congrats again on this honour. My Brussels Sprouts are doing nicely I think. They are just coming out of the ground now. That makes me excited. I did a lot of reading on these guys so I hope I am prepared to do all the right things

  2. good Luck Reg. I have not done brussel sprout before either, so here goes nothing

  3. Glad that you accepted the awards. It's fun to read the facts which go with them. I had problems with all my brassicas last year. They germinated ok for me, but then they all died off as seedlings, I think I may have kept them too warm. I invested in some plug plants, and the cauliflowers grew fine, the sprouts grew but not very well, and I didn't get to eat any they were that bad, and the cabbage were totally devoured by slugs. Great eh? I'm having another go this year.

  4. I have had issues with my cabbage to. they were going very well and then I left them in the greenhouse and they got to hot. I think they have recovered now but some got roasted. They are outside permanently now.